Announcing: Front Row Music in the Parliamentary Review

We’re really pleased to announce that Front Row Music has been featured in this year’s edition of the Parliamentary Review.

The Parliamentary Review is an independently published series of articles intended to share best practice between industry leaders and policy makers. Specially selected organisations, businesses, schools, cabinet ministers, journalists and so on, are approached to contribute their expertise and best practice to the Parliamentary Review, in order to share experiences, provide an overview of the past year, and a template for the year ahead.

We already believe we’re providing the very best music education in primary schools, so it was significant to us to have been asked to contribute to the Review this year, as it recognises us as industry leaders and experts in our field.

We’re glad to have been given the opportunity to share our expertise and findings from having taught in schools over the years. We’ve been able to communicate the challenges that we face in our industry, as well as the brilliant things we’ve been able to do as a company, and the amazing progress and performances that we’ve seen our students achieve after all their hard work and practice.

It also gave us an opportunity to talk about our aims for the future. We want to be funding more lessons, providing further sessions in care homes, expanding our reach across the UK, and giving our students even more opportunity to utilise their skills in performances, as well as getting them into the recording studio. It’s an exciting time ahead, and we’re grateful that we’ve been able to share the importance of what we do in the Parliamentary Review this year. We hope that we might see music education become more of a priority in our schools, and see it being done excellently, with the children having fun while learning new skills, and being inspired by their tutors and the music they’re covering in lessons. That’s what Front Row Music is all about.

If you’re interested in reading our full article, you can find it here: The Parliamentary Review



Written by: Hattie

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