This is just our quick termly update to let you know what’s going on with Front Row Music, and hopefully provide you with some helpful hints and tips that will get your little rock stars honing their skills and getting the most out of your child’s lessons!


We know that seeing progression is really important when you’re sending your children to music lessons with us. At the end of this term we will be sending out our yearly reports – they’re a chance for you to hear from your child’s tutor on how they’re doing and what they can do to keep improving. They will be emailed out so check your inbox over the coming weeks!


As well as the reports, a lot of our schools will be putting on summer performances this half term. Some of these have already happened! The students should have brought home gig tickets with the details on, but you’ll also have had an email from either us or the school office to confirm the dates and times. Performances are a great chance for the children to show off all their hard work to you and the rest of the school. It also really helps to build confidence when playing in front of an audience, so while your child might get a bit nervous beforehand it would be great to encourage them to take part as they’ll get a real sense of achievement once it’s finished.

Hopefully they practice at home already, but if not then this will really help – get them to give you a preview!

Spotlight Sessions

Recently we had a few of our brightest stars come along to our office to perform in front of camera! It was amazing to see such talent at such a young age and we cant wait to share the videos with you. We’ll be doing more of these sessions after the summer so keep an eye out for them. It was so encouraging to see the kids so passionate and enthusiastic about playing, and you could see how much confidence it had given them.


If you’ve not guessed by the amazing weather we’ve been having, Summer is upon us! We hope your child has enjoyed learning with us over the school year, we’ve certainly enjoy teaching them! Thanks to all our brilliant tutors who work so hard for us, keep an eye out at the summer festivals as some of them might be on a stage near you!

If you have any questions or any feedback we’d love to hear from you. We’re constantly working towards making sure our lessons are high quality and fun, so it’s always great to hear your thoughts. You can drop us an email to or give us a call on 0161 282 8731 during office hours.